Hair – From The London Musical Production „Hair“


Polydor, Germany
deska – ex, obal – nm

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A1 –Vince Edward* And The Co.* Aquarius 3:21
A2 –Oliver Tobias And The Co.* Donna 2:05
A3-a) –Michael Feast And The Co.* Sodomy 0:50
A3-b) –Peter Straker And The Co.* Coloured Spade 1:38
A3-c) –Michael Feast, Peter Straker, Joanne White And The Co.* Ain’t Got No 2:07
A4 –Linda Kendrick And The Co.* Air 1:30
A5 –Paul Nicholas And The Co.* I Got Life 2:12
A6 –Paul Nicholas, Oliver Tobias And The Co.* Hair 3:06
A7-a) –Andy Forray My Conviction 1:23
A7-b) –Annabel Leventon Easy To Be Hard 3:05
A7-c) –Sonja Kristina Frank Mills 2:08
A8 –Paul Nicholas And The Co.* Where Do I Go 2:50
B1 –John Gulliver, Rohan McCullough, Andy Forray, Jimmy Winston, Paul Korda Electric Blues 2:48
B2-a) –Colette Kelly, Rohan McCullough, Lucy Fenwick Black Boys
B2-b) –Marsha Hunt, Ethel Coley, Joanne White White Boys 3:35
B3 –The Co.* Walking In Space 4:58
B4 –Peter Straker, Limbert Spencer, Leighton Robinson Abie Baby 2:58
B5-a) –The Co.* Three-Five Zero-Zero
B5-b) –Vince Edward*, Leighton Robinson What A Piece Of Work Is Man 5:37
B6-a) –Annabel Leventon, Linda Kendrick And The Co.* Good Morning Starshine 2:35
B6-b) –The Company* The Bed 2:00
B7 –Paul Nicholas, Annabel Leventon, Marsha Hunt And The Tribe (10) Let The Sunshine In 4:06