N.AE. – Katharsis (Czeslaw Niemen)


Muza 1976
obal – ex, deska – ex

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Discovery Of A New Galaxy (A Triumphal Dream)
The Milky Way (Travel To The Confines Of Infinity)
The Planet Earth (Gravity, A Gate In The Clouds, Landing, A Terrestrial Landscape, Enchantment, Annunciation)
Fate (The Immutable Law Of Trasience)
The Seal (Biological Reproduction, The Struggle For Survival, The Vanity And Euphoria Of The Privileged)
From A Letter To M
An Attempt To Escape (A Hope In Outer-Space Communication)
Katharsis (The Eternal Yearning Of The Soul – Return To Th Regions Of The Central Galaxy)
An Epitaph/In Memory Of Piotr