The Big Ben Banjo Band – Sing Along With Us


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A1 Rise And Shine
A2 Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie
A3 Back To Those Happy Days
A4 Red Roses For A Blue Lady
A5 A Bench In The Park (Film: The King Of Jazz)
A6 There’s A Blue Ridge Round My Heart, Virginia
A7 When You And I Were Young Maggie Blues
A8 Shephard Of The Hills
A9 Have You Ever Been Lonely?
A10 Crazy Words Crazy Tune
A11 Happy Feet
A12 Stay Out Of The South
A13 Down In The Glen
A14 I Don’t Care What You Used To Be
A15 Wyoming Lullaby
A16 Boomps-A-Daisy
A17 Picador
A18 The Marrow Song
B1 When The Guards Are On Parade
B2 Felix Kept On Walking
B3 The Toy-Drum Major
B4 Am I Wasting My Time On You?
B5 Three Little Times
B6 That’s My Home
B7 How’m I Doin‘?
B8 I Don’t Mind Being All Alone
B9 Save Your Sorrow
B10 Girl Of My Dreams
B11 Meet Me In My Dreams To-Night
B12 When You Played The Organ And I Sang The Rosary
B13 Old Pi-Anna Rag
B14 My Kid’s A Crooner
B15 When It’s Night Time In Italy It’s Wednesday Over Here
B16 When I’m Cleaning Windows
B17 Ice Cream
B18 Mr. Gallagher And Mr. Shean